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I-Care Program


Love builds bridges where there are none.

As one of the leading Web Solution and Online Marketing company, I Concept feels it responsibility to give back to the society. Under our I Care Program, we contributed our web design talents and web applications knowledge to build websites for charity bodies to achieve the following missions:

  1. Increase public awareness especially among internet users.
  2. To provide more information about charity bodies that needed help and fund.
  3. To increase donation from public.

Rumah Nur Salam ( Yayasan Chow Kit)

Yayasan Chow Kit

Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) or formerly known as Nur Salam, grew out of a day care centre, or Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak (PAKK) that was opened to serve the Chow Kit neighborhood in 2001 by the Malaysian Department of Welfare.

Chow Kit is a low income area with a longstanding reputation for sex work, drug sales, and organized crime, as well as being a neighborhood of undocumented immigrants. Most of the children are originally from Chow Kit, but there are also children who have come to the area from other parts of Malaysia, who may have been trafficked, or who may be refugees. Most children come from one-parent homes, and many are the children of sex workers and/or drug addicts. In addition, many of the children do not have documents such as birth certificates or identity cards; some are stateless and unable to attend regular schools.

Because the needs of Chow Kit were not adequately served by a centre open only from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, two community members and a volunteer formed a partnership between PAKK Chow Kit and Yayasan Salam Malaysia. This collaboration allowed the centre to be open 24 hours every day, and to provide programs for all children in and around the Chow Kit area. The expanded centre, now known as Nur Salam, opened officially in April 2007 as a program of Yayasan Salam Malaysia, with PAKK as key partner.

I Concept is proud to become an IT and provider for Rumah Nur Salam Website development.

Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCASFT)


The Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1960. It has now become a vital link to bring hope to spastic children so that parents with children suffering from cerebral palsy could seek help and assistance from trained personnel.

The Association manages a Spastic Centre that provides numerous services, facilities and activities that are used to care and treat these special children. Among them are free transportation, education and various therapies such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Even till today, the Association is a proud reminder of the kind volunteers and staffs that offer their help and time to care for the children. It continues to give awareness programs to the public in hopes that this disorder is misunderstood and hence break down the barrier of doubts and suspicion that often linger around people with cerebral palsy.

The Centre has been blessed to have had the support of the government and many well-wishers. However thanks to the foreward planning of it Board, it is 50% self-sufficient, in spite of giving all its services absolutely free.

The Centre is now embarking on an even more ambitious programme to expand its facilities as well as increase its self-reliance. This will guarantee their continued survival.

I Concept is proud to become an IT and provider for Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory in their website development.

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