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Social Media Marketing Solutions – iPhone Apps & Facebook Apps Development

Apart from being a professional web design and online marketing company, I Concept is now also an advanced iPhone apps (iPhone application) and Facebook  apps (Facebook application) development company. As an advanced iPhone apps developer as well as Facebook apps developer, we are specialized in  developing custom iPhone applications and Facebook application that suits our clients’ needs and requirements in order to create the greatest impact of their marketing strategies.

iPhone Apps Development

We develop iPhone apps through:

  • Full understainding of inner architecture of iPhone platform
  • User-friendly, handy and stylish interface
  • Professional knowledge and the usage of iPhone SDK
  • Capitalization of our 2D and 3D graphics strength into custom application
  • Full use of unique iPhone features: multi-touch interface, accelerometer and proximity sensor

iPhone apps can be used for:

  • Business Applications
  • Education Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Finance Applications
  • GPRS Applications
  • Game Applications
  • Health Care & Finance Applications
  • Navigation Applications
  • Photography Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Weather Applications
  • Others

Facebook Application Development

We develop Facebook apps through:

  • Full understanding of key marketing principles of Facebook and think over every feature to drive users to your application
  • User-friendly, handy and stylish interface
  • Stictly obeying Facebook Privacy Policy, Facebook Developer Principles & Policies and upcoming changes described in Facebook Developers Roadmap
  • Professional Usage of Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) to keep the source code in a good shape and with proper comments to smooth maintenance for the application lifetime
  • Prompt response towards new features in Facebook

Facebook apps can be used for:

  • Business Applications
  • Education Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Contest Applications
  • Friends & family Applications
  • Game Applications
  • Just for Fun Applications
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Utilities

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